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Owner aberdeen cleanersWe at Aberdeen Office Cleaning are very approachable people looking to work at part of a team ensuring that your premises are not just kept clean and maintained in the best possible condition.

We have learned over the years that we can satisfy your office cleaning needs better by understanding your views and what is important to you.

What Happens After You Contact Us?

Before giving a quote for your office cleaning (or retail store cleaning etc) we will want to spend time determining which areas are most important to you.

We don’t want to just give a quick glance around and see your premises like a tourist might do!  We need to fully understand what is important to your staff and customers.

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We would want to concentrate on cleaning these “first impression” area and maybe less on your file archive room (which still needs regular cleaning of course but maybe not that full sparkle clean as often as we give your front reception area).

One of our Cleaning Supervisors or Managers will be on your site at least two-weekly (on the larger jobs it is more likely that it will be once or twice a week) to inspect the standards of work so you will get to know your contract managers quite well.

By the way we don’t employ salespeople who come in and promise the earth if you sign a long term contract so they get their commission and then never come back again.

The Cleaning Service Manager who agrees the cleaning contract price with you has a long term responsibility for ensuring those contract terms are met in full.  They are not going to promise to guarantee cleaning standards that they cannot achieve through regular cleaning.

Why would they want to give themselves that cleaning headache every week?

Isn’t it better for you and us to be honest up front and agree standards that can be met?

You want your premises kept clean. We want to ensure you achieve that goal.

Don’t forget to let us know in advance about any special occasions so we can be prepared to give your place some special attention just beforehand or clean up after your office party.

Aberdeen Office Cleaning

If however you need to contact us in between our visits or to arrange a quote please either complete the form below or ring Ron Thomson the Aberdeen Office Cleaning Manager a phone call on 01224 954891 or 0745 424 2823.

If he cannot answer because he is in a meeting, in a bad reception area or driving and unable to take the call please leave a message and he will come back to you as soon as he can.

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We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Note there is a different contact form being used for people wishing to apply for work as a cleaner. Please click here for vacancies.  Note if you use this form below to apply for a cleaning vacancy or employment we will know you know you cannot follow directions and you will get no reply from us.

Aberdeen Office Cleaning

If you have any questions you may wish to contact Aberdeen Office Cleaning Area Manager direct by ringing 0745 424 2823 or use the contact form above

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