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We pride ourselves at Aberdeen Office Cleaning that all our staff are very approachable people. If they were not they would not now be working for us.  I want  to work with staff who are looking to work as part of a team ensuring that your premises are not just kept clean and maintained in the best possible condition.

I am sure you would be looking for the same thing as well, aren't you?

We have learned over the years that we can satisfy your office cleaning needs better by understanding your views and what is important to you. After all it is your office (or workplace so it matters to you where you work.

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Obviously we will not be able to give you a cleaning quote without first seeing the job. You may think it is just an office but the area and type of floor surface,  pictures on the wall, shelving,  number of desks and access to those desk tops, as well as the number of people walking through those doors all contribute to the ability to clean your office thoroughly. Some offices (e.g. reception areas) with direct connection to the outside are going to have more dirt being walked in than a one person room on the top of the building. 

We don't want to just give a quick glance around and see your premises like a tourist might do! We need to fully understand what is important to you and your staff (and your customers if they visit your premises).

There will be a lot of questions we need to ask. We need to ask about access to building when you want us to clean (time of day etc).

Will the building be clear of staff or do we work around them?  We can clean in the middle of your staff working time by using slightly different techniques and methods. For example we use quieter vacuum cleaners with no trailing wires for staff to trip over etc. Are there particular times of the day when staff are making or receiving phone calls that would prevent us doing cleaning? Can we work around those schedules in a reasonable way? 

We would want to concentrate on cleaning these "first impression" area and maybe less on your file archive room (which still needs regular cleaning of course but maybe not that full sparkle clean as often as we give your front reception area).

Obviously there are a lot of other questions that we would want to discuss with you as well. But before we do that I want reassure you unlike some local cleaning companies that Aberdeen Office Cleaning do NOT employ fancy salespeople who will promise you the earth to earn a big commission than never see you again.  The person you speak to will be coming back on a regular basis to monitor the work of the cleaning staff. That means we are not going to promise something we cannot consistently achieve. 

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Alternatively you can ring me (Ron) direct and we can arrange to meet up to discuss your cleaning standards and needs for each area. You can reach me on 01224 954891 or my mobile 0745 424 2823. Obviously if I am driving or in a meeting you can leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.